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The perfect day comes in many different flavors. Celebrations reflect individuality and personal style, with influences from family traditions, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, or business etiquette.

A tent can be outfitted to match your sense of style. At a minimum, you get a roof over your head. But with a little creativity, your tent can be transformed into something casual or something quite glamorous.

Whereas most indoor venues come with a style (colors, interior decor of some vintage), tents are a blank palate, a canvas that will carry your style, make your event personal, not cookie cutter. HAVE FUN!


Century Tents give a more sophisticated look to your special event, with more dramatic peaks than traditional frame tents. 

Available in 40′-60′-80′ Wide


Fiesta Frame tents are strong, sturdy and great for all events. They can be setup on almost any surface.

Available in 10′-12′-14′-16′-18′-20′-25′-30 Wide

Navi Trac

Navi-Trac frame tents have a larger framework for higher stability, increased wind rating and a unique tracking system that keeps in air conditioning and makes them watertight.

Available in 20′-30′-40′-50 Wide


Marquee tents are great to enhance an entrance, to connect tents to buildings or each other, to cover walkways, or can be used in smaller spaces.

Available in 6′-9′

Clear Top

Clear tops are the perfect solution for maintaining the feel of open space and the outdoors. Their clear overhang lets natural light in and allows an unobstructed view of the sky.


High Peak

The elegant curves and high peak tension top demands attention.  Graceful lines and a spacious interior gives any event an easy sophistication for daytime and evening gatherings.

Available in 16′-20′ Wide


Sailcloth material brings a unique, light and airy feel to your event. They are waterproof and the interior poles can be decorated or used to attach lighting.


Used often as a temporary awning.

Tent Packages

Our party tent packages come with everything you need to throw a great party! Each package includes a tent, tables, chairs, lighting and installation.


With options like window siding, heaters or fans, tents can be used all year round. Optional flooring gives your guests something steady underfoot, and when the sun goes down, the transition from daylight to evening is handled gracefully with tent lighting that establishes the mood.

Tent Enhancements

Upgrade the look of your tent with our full line of tent enhancements. Besides making your tent look great they also provide climate control, security, natural light and privacy.

Custom Tents

Designed with the comfort of your guests and the bottom line in mind. Expand your serving space by hundreds of square feet and transform a three season space to four!

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