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Explore our extensive inventory of tent rental options available to put together your next party or event in Westchester NY, NYC, and the New York Tri-State area:

Fiesta tent rental options


Fiesta Frame tents exhibit remarkable strength and sturdiness, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of events. Their versatility allows for setup on nearly any type of surface.

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High Peak tent rental options


The elegant curves and high peak tension top demands attention. Graceful lines and a spacious interior gives any event an easy sophistication for daytime and evening gatherings.

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Navi-Trac tent rental options


Navi-Trac frame tents have a larger framework for higher stability, increased wind rating and a unique tracking system that keeps in air conditioning and makes them watertight.

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Clear top tent rental options


Clear tops are the perfect solution for maintaining the feel of open space and the out doors. Their clear overhang lets natural light in and allows an unobstructed view of the sky.

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Sailcloth tent rental options


Sailcloth material brings a unique, light and airy feel to your event. They are waterproof and the interior poles can be decorated or used to attach lighting.

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Century tent rental options


Century Tents give a more sophisticated look to your special event; with more of a dramatic peak than a traditional frame tent.

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Structure tent rental options


Create the look and feel, unique to your event. Structure tents allow for uniquely beautiful views during both the day and night.

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custom tent rental options


Designed with the comfort of your guests and the bottom line in mind. Expand your serving space by hundreds of square feet and transform a three season space to four!

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Marquee tent rental options


Marquee tents are great to enhance an entrance, to collect tents to buildings or each other, to cover walkways, or can be used in smaller spaces.

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Lighting options


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Flooring options


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Accessories options


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Tent Packages

Our party tent rental packages come with everything you need to throw a great party! Each package includes a tent, tables, chairs, lighting and installation.

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The perfect day comes in many different flavors. Celebrations reflect individuality and personal style, with influences from family traditions, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, or business etiquette.

A tent can be outfitted to match your sense of style. At a minimum, you get a roof over your head. But with a little creativity, your tent can be transformed into something casual or something quite glamorous.

Whereas most indoor venues come with a style (colors, interior decor of some vintage), tents are a blank palate, a canvas that will carry your style, make your event personal, not cookie cutter. HAVE FUN!


 Tent rental companies typically offer a variety of tents, including pole tents, frame tents, clear span tents, and pop-up tents. The choice depends on your event’s size, location, and specific requirements.

 The cost of tent rental varies widely depending on factors like tent size, style, location, duration, and additional accessories. It’s best to request a quote from your local tent rental company for accurate pricing.

 The tent size depends on the number of guests, seating arrangements, and any additional space requirements. Tent rental professionals can help you determine the right size based on your event details.

 Permits may be required depending on your location, the size of the tent, and local regulations. It’s essential to check with your local authorities or your tent rental company for guidance on permits.

 Yes, many tent rental companies offer wedding tent options that can be customized to create a beautiful and weather-resistant outdoor wedding venue.

 Yes, tent rental companies typically offer flexible rental options to accommodate both short-term events, such as weddings or parties, and long-term events, like construction projects or festivals.

 In addition to tents, you can often rent accessories like tables, chairs, lighting, heating/cooling systems, flooring, and sidewalls to enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your event.

 It’s advisable to book your tent rental several months in advance, especially for peak event seasons. However, some companies may have last-minute availability, so it’s best to check with them as soon as you know your event date.

 When selecting a tent rental company, consider factors like their reputation, experience, quality of tents, pricing, customer reviews, and their willingness to provide site visits and assistance in planning.

 Tents can be installed on various surfaces, including grass, asphalt, concrete, and even sand. The installation method and any required flooring or anchoring will depend on the surface type.

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