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The SnoKone machine is simple to operate and a great attraction for any event!

The Machine

The machine includes a 110 volt, single phase, 60 cycle. AC current motor with toggle switch,
shaving snit, dispensing case, and separate light switch inside THE case. A cuttethead is mounted
on the end of the motor shaft inside the shaver body (gooseneck). The pusher handle presses the
ice against the revolving cutterhead to produce the shaved ice.

NOTE: The machine must be properly grounded to prevent electrical shock.


  1. Start the motor and fill gooseneck an inch from the top with ice cubes or 3″ x 4″ pieces of ice. (The larger the ice pieces, the better the snow.)
  2. Push ice down against the cutterhead with firm pressure for best sncw (too much – coarse ice; too little – mushy”.
  3. DO NOT force the handle.
  4. A surface temperature of 1500 F. is normal
  5. Put only ice in the gooseneck to prevent damage to the blades.
  6. Keep fingers away front shaver body when motor is running to prevent injury.

Cleaning Instructions

  1. Unplug the machine.
  2. Wipe all surfaces clean to avoid cleaning charges.