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  • Position the Rotisserie frame on the Grill.
  • Locate The Uprights And Insert them into the Frame facing outward. Insert pin to secure.
  • Secure the Tines and Meat onto the Rotisserie crossbar.
  • Attach the Female end of the coupler to the end of the Crossbar. Screw Bolt to Tighten.
  • Slide the motor mount rods into the mounting brackets holes
  • Slide the motor onto the motor mount rods with the attached coupler facing the coupler on the tine rotisserie.
  • Carefully Place the Crossbar onto the Uprights in the grooves
  • Line up the couplers and slide the quick release pin into the hole and through the couplers to connect them. This should be a tight fit.
  • Plug in the cord into the outlet and turn the knob on the motor to the “on” position