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Add to your party atmosphere with a popcorn machine!

Operational Tips

Light and Warmer Switch – turns on heat lamp and optional strip heater under corn pan
Kettle Motor Switch – turns on motor that drives kettle agitator shaft
Kettle Heat Switch – turns on heat element inside kettle

Note: DO NOT COVER AIR VENT HOLES! Motor air intake and exhaust holes at
top of the machine must be clear of any obstruction.


To Pop

  1. Turn on kettle heat switch and kettle motor and exhaust switch.
  2. “Test pop” a kettle of corn: place oil measure in kettle with three corn kernels; when kernels pop, place remainder of oil, measured corn and flavoring in kettle; close Lid.
  3. When corn has popped, rotate the handle to empty popcorn from kettle: return kettle to upright position.
  4. Repeat the cycle; subsequent batches are always more flavorful than the initial batch.
  5. Turn off the kettle heat switch on the final batch when the popcorn breaks over the lid of the kettle to eliminate smoke and odor.
  6. Turn off kettle heat and kettle motor and exhaust switches.
  7. Wipe exterior of kettle with heavy cloth after cooling of kettle to prevent burn or stain of oil drippings.
  8. Turn off all switches.

To Clean

  1. Allow kettle to cool until warm enough to handle.
  2. Unplug kettle and remove from machine.
  3. Wipe kettle, kettle lids, crossbar and exterior clean. DO NOT IMMERSE KETTLE IN WATER!
  4. Remove poppets corn and pack in bags.
  5. Remove the “old maid” pan, empty unpopped kernels and wipe clean.
  6. Wipe interior of machine clean.
  7. Return the machine clean to the rental center to avoid cleaning charges.