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  • Install the Cart on a flat level surface and plug the lead-in cord into a suitable outlet of the correct voltage
  • Fill the bottom of well with hot water until it contacts the bottom of the food pans. Do not allow water to enter the perforated pans.
  • Place holding pans into the well.
  • For pans you will be using for hot dogs, fill the food pan half way with water before covering.
  • Preheat on high for 30 minutes. Water temperature should reach 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Place food product in the pans and allow it to heat on high until internal temperature is at least 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Adjust temperature setting to hold product at 150 degrees Fahrenheit for serving.
  • Keep lid in place to help maintain temperature.


There is condensation building up outside of the Cart
Cool air striking the warm units surface may cause moisture accumulation. Protect the unit against cool drafts of air.
Casing of the Hot Dogs Burst
Too much steam is being generated. Move the thermostat control to a lower setting.
Buns are too Soggy or too dry
Too much or too little steam will produce these conditions. Control the amount of steam by adjusting the temperature control, as necessary.