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  • Coffee makers should be plugged directly into an outlet. Extension cords are not recommended.
  • Fill coffee pot with COLD water to the desired amount.
  • Add coffee to basket:
    – 3 Cups of Grounds = 36 Cups of Coffee
    – 4 Cups of Grounds = 55 Cups of Coffee
    – 7 Cups of Grounds = 100 Cups of Coffee
    (One 13 oz can of coffee is equal to approximately 5 cups of ground coffee.)
  • Plug coffee pot into standard electrical outlet.
  • Brewing Time
    – Approximately 1 hour in 90-100 cup urns
    – Approximately 1/2 hour to brew coffee in 30-60 cup urns –
  • Light will turn red when coffee is finished brewing.
  • The pot will keep the coffee hot.


  • Rinse out the inside of the coffee pot and basket before returning.
  • Please make sure the pot is emptied of coffee and grounds before returning.
  • Never immerse coffee pot in water!