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Assembling the Fountain -Remove the chocolate fountain base unit from the basin case -Place the base on a table capable of supporting at least 150 pounds. The table must be sturdy, stable and as level as possible. -Plug the power cord in and test the unit prior to setup. -Turn the switch to “on”. The Red light will illuminate and the fountain will start. After it starts, make sure to turn the switch “off”. -Open the tier set case -Slide the cylinder into the sleeve located in the center of the bowl. -Attach the black stabilizer to the top of the auger just beneath the knob -Slide the auger with the stabilizer attached into the cylinder. -After the auger has reached the bottom, rotate it until you feel it “click” and drop into place over the spindle. -Slide the tiers onto the cylinder starting with the widest tier and ending with the narrowest part -Slide the crown onto the cylinder to conclude the assembly process. -Do Not discard the black plastic basin or tier set case. They are necessary for transporting and storing the fountain basin and tier set are required for shipment.

Amount of Chocolate Needed
Cortez6 Lbs10 Lbs60
Montezuma12 Lbs20 Lbs250
Melting Temperatures
ChocolateBasin TemperatureApproximate Melting Time
Dark25045 Minutes
Milk*17660 Minutes
White*15860 Minutes
Operating Temperatures
ChocolateBasin TemperatureApproximate Melting Time
Dark158-17645 Minutes
Milk*158-17660 Minutes
White*140-15860 Minutes

*Milk & White chocolate contain dairy ingredients which may scorch. If you are melting chocolate in the bowl of the fountain you must use a spatula to frequently stir the chocolate to avoid scorching. Operating Information

  • -Place one bag of Sephra™ Premium Fondue Chocolate in the microwave. Heat on half power for 3-5 minutes as instructed on the package. It is important to gently massage the chocolate bag every 2-3 minutes, so that the chocolate will not burn.
  • -When the chocolate is melted, simply cut the top corner of the bag off, and pour the chocolate into the fountain. You can also temper the chocolate by pouring the chips directly into the basin. Melting the chocolate using this process takes about 1 hour.

Cleaning Procedure -Turn the Fountain from “ON” to “Preheat” -Adjust the temperature to 140 degrees -Using a Spatula, Start at the top tier and scrape the excess chocolate from each tier. -Once the excess chocolate has been removed, slide each of the tiers up and off of the cylinder. -On the top of the auger you will find a knob. Lift the auger by grasping the knob. -When the auger has been removed, hold it over the bowl of the fountain so that the excess chocolate you are removing drips into the chocolate fountain. -Use a spatula to remove the excess chocolate by twisting down the auger from the top. -Empty the remaining chocolate from the basin, using a spatula, into a lined Garbage can. DO NOT pour the remaining Chocolate into the sink as it can harden and clog your drain. -Use a damp sponge with soap to remove the remaining chocolate from each Tier, Auger and Cylinder. Make sure to use hot water as it will keep the chocolate soft and easy to remove. -Place the freshly cleaned tiers, auger and cylinder back into the Tier set Case. -Place the Base Back into the Basin Case.