Top Tips for Planning Your Next Outdoor Corporate  Event

Party Line Rentals | Westchester Party Rentals 

Planning an outdoor corporate event can be a daunting task, but with the right strategies in  place, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Whether you’re organizing a team-building retreat, a  product launch, or a company picnic, these top tips will help ensure your outdoor corporate  event goes off without a hitch. Party Line Rentals to the rescue.

1. Choose the Perfect Venue 

• Consider the location’s accessibility for all attendees. 

• Evaluate the capacity and facilities to accommodate your event. • Think about the natural surroundings and ambiance.

2. Weatherproof Your Event 

• Check the weather forecast leading up to the event. 

• Have backup plans, such as using PLR tents to shield your event in case of unfavorable  weather. 

• Integrate umbrellas, heaters, air conditioning units into your event setup to enhance  weather protection.

3. Develop a Detailed Timeline 

• Create a comprehensive event schedule, including setup and teardown times.

• Communicate the timeline to all stakeholders and vendors. 

• Factor in breaks and downtime for attendees to recharge.

4. Cater to Attendee Comfort 

• Ensure ample seating, table and shade options, like a catering tent, lounges or  umbrellas. 

• Keep attendees hydrated with water stations and refreshing beverages.

• Offer a variety of food options to accommodate dietary restrictions.

5. Plan Engaging Activities 

• Incorporate team-building exercises or icebreakers. 

• Arrange for guest speakers or entertainment to keep attendees engaged.

• Set up interactive booths or workshops for networking opportunities.

6. Enhance Your Event with Top-Notch Flooring & Staging 

• Showcase your band on our exceptional outdoor and indoor staging.

• Transform any space with our versatile flooring solutions.  

• Need a dance floor? We’ve got you covered. Make your corporate party the talk of the  company!

7. Prioritize Safety 

• Secure all necessary safety permits and meet requirements well in advance of your  event. 

• Guarantee proper lighting and event accessories. 

• Be equipped with our safety compliance kit for emergency preparedness.

8. Efficient Registration and Check-In 

• Use technology for streamlined registration and check-in processes with our barriers or  stanchions

• Provide clear signage and staff assistance. • Have a contingency plan for unexpected delays.

9. Budget Wisely 

• Create a detailed budget with room for unexpected expenses. 

• Get multiple quotes from vendors to ensure cost-effectiveness. 

• Monitor expenses throughout the planning process.

10. Gather Feedback 

• Solicit feedback from attendees and stakeholders after the event. 

• Use feedback to improve future events. 

• Express gratitude to all involved in making the event a success. 

At Party Line Rentals we make it our mission to make your corporate event one to be  remembered for many years to come!