Consumers are sick of cooking and are hungry to eat out while restaurants are struggling to follow changing rules and regulations in order to open.   Take out is not covering the bills and scraping together some outdoor dining space does not offer the same ambiance as the inside of a restaurant.  Creating a welcoming and safe outdoor dining experience may have upfront costs that might be hard to swallow but in the long run it will allow many eateries the ability to serve up a hefty plate of success.

How to Determine if A Renting a Tent is A Good Investment

  1. How many tables did you have in restaurant?
  2. How many times per night did you turn them over?
  3. What was avg. check per table
  4. Now calculate estimated nightly revenue

Ex.  20 tables x 3 turns x $50/avg. check = $3,000 per night in revenue

This does not account for those guests who lingered and effected your turn down rate.

Now Let’s Discuss the Financial Impact of Renting a Tent

  1. Determine how much space you have outside to put up a tent
  2. Calculate how many tables you can have with social distancing? Use our calculator.
  3. Assume 90 min max seating per table
  4. Use same avg. check per table
  5. Now calculate estimated nightly revenue

Ex:  You have 600 square feet to work with which can get you a 20×30 tent.  Based on 6 feet socially distancing you can fit app. 60 guests under at a time or 15 tables of 4.   Assume you are open for 3 hours and there is a 90 min max on each table.

Ex. 15 tables x 2 turns x $50/avg. check – $1,500 per night in revenue


Benjamins Steakhouse

Dine in ‘Dale – Scarsdale, NY

Dine in ‘Dale – Scarsdale, NY











With phase 3 and 4 in full swing you can add an additional 25% – 50% with your indoor seating so between indoor and outdoor you have potentially increased your overall seating capacity.  Therefore, the cost of the tent for a month can easily be covered with one week’s worth of revenue and that is a dish worthy of trying!

Don’t think you have ample outdoor space?  Check with your city/towns as they are helping by allowing establishments to use parking lot spaces and reducing permit fees and processing times.

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