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  • Assemble the perimeter first by sliding the 112” poles into the corner brackets and locking them into place with the buttons
  • Make sure to match the yellow dots.
  • Connect the Rafters to the corner brackets and the center cluster and lock them in place with the snap buttons make sure to match the red dots.
  • Lay the canopy over the frame
  • Insert the legs into the bottom of the corner brackets and lock into place with the snap buttons.
  • Attach the tent to the frame by clipping the snap, at each corner, to the eyebolt on the leg post.
  • Drive the stakes into the ground approximately one foot from the leg of the tent.
  • Tie off the Ropes from the eyebolt to the stakes as tight as possible.
  • Stakes provided are for average soil conditions. Sandy soil or asphalt will require additional staking.
  • Check ropes periodically for tightness and maintaining good condition.
  • The Optional sidewalls may now be attached.

frame1 frame2 frame3


For each installation, the installer is solely responsible for evaluating the site and the proper securing method required. Some soils require different staking or securing than that provided with the tent. Party Lines responsibility is limited to the rental of the tent. We are not responsible for methods that installers may choose to secure the tent to the ground.

As Weather can be very unpredictable, good judgment and common sense must be incorporated into your installation process. It is the responsibility of the tent installer to determine the severity of the weather, proper time and method of installation.

This product has been manufactured for use as a temporary sun shade structure. For the safety of all occupants, evacuation is recommended if threatening or windy weather occurs or if there is any doubt concerning the safe use of the product.

Proper safety equipment should be used at all times to insure a safe installation and take down. We suggest a careful evaluation be made to determine safety equipment needed, such as hard hats, steel toe shoes, safety glasses etc, as required.


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