Returning to a New Normal

Estimate your sizing needs when trying to plan your next event while accounting for social distancing.

def distcalc_space(space): sodis = [6,7,8,12] for i in sodis: num_people = space//i**2 print(f'{i}ft apart: {num_people} people') def distcalc_people(people): sodis = [6,7,8,12] for i in sodis: space = people*i**2 print(f'{i}ft apart: {space}ft^2') q1 = input('Size or People: ') if q1.title()=='Size': try: space =int(input('Square footage: ')) print(distcalc_space(space)) except: print('Entry must be a number') elif q1.title()=='People': try: people=int(input('Number of People: ')) print(distcalc_people(people)) except: print('Entry must be a number') else: print('Invalid input, must be Size or People')


1 Nepperhan Ave., Elmsford

Pickup / Warehouse
21 Vreeland Ave, Elmsford

(914) 592-1200


Monday - Friday
8:00 am to 5 PM
Saturday (Only March – Dec)
8:00 am to 3:00 PM


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