With NYC officially in Phase 4, media productions can again resume but the filming experience will be quite different.

Here are some tips on how your next production project can get back in action safely and successfully.

Zoned Areas – Create designated zones for actors/employees, preventing overlapping departments in the same work space.  Tents are an easy solution when preexisting structures don’t afford enough space to socially distance your entire crew.

Make-up & Wardrobe Stations – Teams dedicated to doing make-up/hair and costume changing will be less noticeable on sets.  To adhere to social distancing rules, many cast will be charged with not only doing their own hair/makeup and getting themselves dressed/undressed but also bringing their own supplies.  Creating dedicated areas for each cast member can be easily done with pipe and drape, make-up mirrors, make-up chairs and folding tables.

Washing Stations – Sets will need to have ample and convenient options for cast/crew to keep their hands clean and sanitized.  Having portable sanitizing and washing stations is essential is eliminating the spread of COVID.

Dining Pods – Craft services will need to serve up new ways to feed production teams.  A single area with buffet style options will not cut it.  Sets will need to have multi dining areas, that offer plenty of seating/tables, while adhering to the recommended 6 ft. social distance rules.   These pods can be set up for each department, zone etc.

Party Line Rentals has been working with the film industry for over 20 years and is following the CDC recommended steps to ensure all of our equipment and rental items are cleaned and sanitized before leaving our facility.

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