With gyms opening soon are gym goers really ready to go back to the old way of working out?  Many have moved to digital fitness platforms and gyms have tried to pivot into this space.  Unfortunately, what gyms provide that digital platforms lack in is the human interaction, the sense of community, the energy that is created when surrounded by others who are pumped on adrenaline.

Products are popping up everywhere with new and innovative ways for gyms to offer safe work out conditions like workout pods closed in with clear plastic sheets.   What is a creative solution looks more like a museum of gym members on display.   Others are placing plexi dividers between machines because they are not 6 feet apart.   There are other ways however gyms can still bring their fitness community together and they are looking outside the 4 walls of their clubs.

Many gyms can add tented areas as many offer ample parking and can convert those spaces into outdoor workout areas.  The area is covered so the equipment (and gym goers) are protected, there is fresh air pumping into their lungs with the open sides of the tent and it allows the community to reunite socially distanced.

Small Tents Can Be Used For:

  • Small group fitness classes
  • Private training sessions
  • Weight tents

Large Tents Can Be Used For:

  • Equipment based classes where machines can be safely distanced
  • Stretching areas with socially distanced spaces marked off

Bringing the energy of inside the gym outside is also an opportunity to promote your services and show your brand live, in the moment!

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