A barbecue can spice up your event: Grill 40-60 steaks or 30 chicken halves at once with a rental barbecue or rotisserie. Use sauces or glazes to enhance the flavor (generally added in the final stages of cooking) or marinades (generally added overnight/hours before cooking).


  1. Cover the firebox with heavy-duty aluminum foil to reflect heat for maximum cooking and to make cleanup easy.
  2. Spray the grill with cooking spray to prevent sticking.
  3. Cover the firebox with a bed of gravel 1″ deep to provide draft and even heat distribution.
  4. Use 1/3 of the grill for a cooling area.
  5. Cover the cooking area with hardwood briquettes for more uniform heat than lump charcoal.
  6. Mound briquets in center of grill.
  7. Soak briquets with charcoal lighter fluid.
  8. Space coals l; 2″ apart to grill, or bank on both sides to .rotisserie.
  9. Barbecue when charcoal is covered with fine ash (about 30 – 45 minute,-).
  10. Knock ash from briquets during cooking to maintain temperature.
  11. Position grill or spit close to/away from heat to control temperature.



Hardwood briquets
Meat thermometer
Charcoal lighter fuel
Oven mit
Basting brush
Caning knife/fork
Hickory chips
Disposal bags
Heavy-duty aluminum foil
Cleanup items

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