Operating Instructions

  1. Attach a 14.1 oz or a 16.4 oz disposable propane cylinder to the regulator by sliding upward into the regulator inlet. Carefully engage the threads by pushing the cylinder straight up and turning. Tighten hand tight only. DO NOT use tools of any kind.
  2. With the griddle removed, open the gas valve 3 or 4 turns and light all four corners of the burner. Place the griddle on the unit in the high heat position (closest to burner).
  3. To reduce the griddle temperature after warm up or while cooking, lift the griddle.
  4. The flame is not adjustable – DO NOT attempt to adjust it by turning the shut-off valve.
  5. Turn the unit off by turning the gas shut-off valve as indicated on the knob until seated and the flame is extinguished. BE CERTAIN TO TURN THE VALVE OFF WHEN REPLACING AN EMPTY CYLINDER.
  6. A frost accumulation on the propane cylinder is normal and does not indicate a malfunction.
  7. For best results, use a good brand of no-stick spray on the griddle surface before starting to cook.
  8. When cooking foods such as sausage and bacon, use a basting syringe to empty the grease trough.
  9. DO NOT wet the griddle or immerse it in water while hot.
  10. Use only plastic or wood utensils on Teflon-coated griddles.
  11. Clean Teflon-coated griddles only with detergent water and plastic or cloth pads.
  12. Vinegar or coffee pot de-stainers will remove most stains.
  13. Uncoated griddles can be scoured with fine steel wool scouring pads.

Safety Precautions

  1. Use extreme caution in handling and using propane gas. Gas allowed to escape can result in a fire or explosion. It is heavier than air and may settle in the fire box or on floors, etc.
  2. DO NOT leave the griddle unit unattended while operating.
  3. Check periodically to see that all corners of each burner are ignited.
  4. If a flame goes out, shut off the gas valve immediately and allow gas to dissipate for several minutes before re-lighting.
  5. DO NOT use adapters to connect the units to a larger refillable cylinder.
  6. DO NOT operate the griddle in a confined space without adequate ventilation. If air does not circulate, use a fan to exhaust air through a window or other opening.


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