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Step into our premier destination, serving as your one-stop-shop for all TV and Film Production requirements in Westchester NY, NYC, and the NY Tri-state area. Welcome to your ultimate resource for bringing your creative vision to life.


Create a captivating outdoor set with our top-notch tents, providing the perfect blend of shelter and cinematic ambiance.


Transform your set with our versatile tables, designed to elevate both style and functionality on your production.


Comfort meets craftsmanship – ensure your cast and crew stay seated in style with our chic chair options.

Hair and Makeup Station

Craft flawless looks in our dedicated hair and makeup station, where creativity and convivence converge.

Wardrobe Stations

Dress your production in success with our extensive wardrobe stations, a haven for costume excellence and on-set fashion flair.

Heating / Cooling Solutions

From efficient air conditioning to refreshing fans and heaters, prioritize your crew’s well-being and ensure a comfortable and productive environment with our tailored cooling and heating solutions.

Flooring / Staging / Dance Floor

Set the stage for greatness with our customizable flooring, staging, and dance floor options – the foundation of a memorable production!

Catering Service

Savor the success of your production with our catering service, offering a delectable array of culinary rentals.


Equip your crew with the latest tools of the trade – our state of the art equipment guarantees a production that meets the highest industry standards.

Crowd Control

Command attention and maintain order on set with our crowd control solutions, ensuring a seamless production experience from start to finish.

Event Accessories

Accessorize your production with flair using our curated selection of event accessories, adding that extra touch of sophistication to every scene.

Fire and Safety

Ensure the safety of our cast and crew with our comprehensive fire and safety measures, allowing you to focus on creating without compromise.


Welcome to the ultimate guide for a seamless and successful film and TV production experience! At the heart of any outstanding shoot lies meticulous planning and the assurance that you have all the essential equipment to bring your vision to life. In partnership with Party Line Rentals, your one-stop solution for production needs, this checklist is designed to ensure that nothing is left to chance. From tables to chairs, hair and makeup stations, catering services, and a comprehensive array of rental equipment, this checklist will be your trusted companion throughout the entire production process. Gear up for an exceptional shoot by making Party Line Rentals your go-to source for all the correct equipment, setting the stage for a production that exceeds expectations. Lights, camera, action – let’s make your vision a reality!


Explore the perfect production tent solution by addressing key considerations with our series of initial questions:


Regardless of whether your tent has walls, lighting is likely a necessity. Production tents often endure extended periods of use, and factors like early mornings, late nights, or overcast days make relying solely on natural light challenging. Even tents with walls require additional lighting for optimal comfort. We offer various lighting options tailored to your needs and tent specifications.


Install a floor on any surface effortlessly. It is strongly advised to use flooring, especially on grassy areas, as weather and high foot traffic can lead to a messy situation. We offer a variety of flooring options to suit your needs. Additionally, if the terrain is uneven, we can assist by installing a subfloor to create a flat and level working surface.


Depending on the season and anticipated weather conditions, the need for AC or heating may arise. Our user-friendly AC/Heating units come with on-site demonstrations for the crew before the first day of use. The air conditioning units are generator-powered, included in our comprehensive package. For our larger heaters, they typically run on fuel, eliminating the need for a separate generator. Additionally, we offer on-call refueling services for the heaters as required.


We supply power for all rented equipment, including lighting and AC/Heating units. Our team is also ready to assist with any last-minute requirements to ensure a seamless experience.


We supply all required flame certificates to streamline the permitting process, certifying the flame retardancy of our equipment. Inside the tent, we offer comprehensive fire safety packages, featuring exit signs, fire extinguishers, and emergency lights for enhanced safety measures.


Ensure an adequate number of tables for production meetings, script reading, and other essential tasks based on your production needs.


Provide comfortable seating for the production crew during meetings and breaks.


Set up a dedicated area with proper lighted for hair and makeup artists.


Ensure that your production team has all the utensils and kitchen tools they need for a great lunch.


Designate secure areas for cast, crew, and onlookers. Consider signage and personnel for crowd guidance.


Ensure the availability and functionality of fire extinguishers and other safety equipment for your production needs.


What equipment is essential for a successful film or TV production?

Essential equipment includes heaters, generators, tents, tables, china, projection screens, light towers, director chairs, and clothing racks. Party Line Rentals has all your film and TV production equipment needs covered.

How can I ensure a seamless outdoor shoot in different weather conditions?

Reliable tents and canopies are crucial for outdoor shoots. Party Line Rentals provides climate-controlled tents and structures, ensuring protection for your crew and equipment.

What are the benefits of using professional-grade generators on set?

Professional generators guarantee a consistent power supply. Party Line Rentals offers robust, fuel-efficient generators designed to meet the energy demands of film and TV productions. We offer diesel or gas generators.

How can I create a comfortable and functional set for the cast and crew?

Comfortable seating and well-designed production spaces are essential. Party Line Rentals offers a variety of seating options, tables, and furniture to create a functional and inviting set for all your film and TV production needs.

How can I manage crowd control during large-scale productions?

Consider barriers and fencing for crowd control. Party Line Rentals provides crowd control solutions to maintain order and safety, allowing you to focus on the production.

What are the advantages of renting versus buying production equipment?

Renting offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Party Line Rentals allows you to access cutting-edge equipment without the long-term commitment, helping you stay within budget.

How can I ensure efficient power distribution on set?

Power distribution is crucial for a smooth shoot. Party Line Rentals offers power distribution boxes and cables, ensuring efficient and safe electricity supply throughout your production.

Why choose Party Line Rentals for your Film and TV production needs?

As your one-stop-shop, we provide an expansive inventory that includes tables, chairs, tents, catering equipment, and crowd control items. All our equipment is maintained in excellent condition and is thoroughly cleaned, guaranteeing top-notch quality.Our services are designed for your convenience. Whether you prefer pickup, delivery, or complete setup, Party Line Rentals has you covered. You have the flexibility to pick up rental equipment directly from our warehouses or opt for the convenience of having everything delivered to your specified location, set, or stage. With Party Line Rentals, you can trust in a hassle-free experience and reliable support for all your production requirements.