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  • Roll the unit into its final position and lock the front casters
  • Close the drain valve completely.
  • Turn off the manual shut-off valve on the incoming gas supply line.
  • Turn the operating thermostat to the OFF position.
  • Depress and turn the gas valve knob clockwise to the OFF position.
  • Wait at least 5 minutes for any accumulated gas to disperse.
  • Fill the frypot with oil, shortening or water to the bottom OIL LEVEL line scribed on the frypot back. Ensure heating tubes are covered in liquid prior to engaging burners. If solid shortening is used, pack the shortening into the frypot, ensuring the shortening is packed beneath, between and above the tubes prior to operating fryer.
  • Open the manual shut-off valve on the incoming gas supply line and rotate the gas valve knob counter-clockwise to the PILOT position.
  • Push and hold the knob in and apply a long match or taper to the pilot burner head. The pilot is located high in the cabinet center, at the base of the frypot.
  • Continue to hold the knob in for about 60 seconds after the flame appears on the pilot.
  • Release the knob. The pilot should remain lit.
  • With the pilot lit, push down and slowly turn the gas valve knob to the ON position.
  • Rotate the operating thermostat knob to the desired frying temperature. The burner should light and burn with a strong blue flame.


Shutting the Fryer Down

Turn the operating thermostat to the OFF position Turn the gas valve knob to the OFF position Empty the oil from the frypot. To do so, position a 5 Gallon bucket under the drain in the front of the machine. Then open the drain valve and wait for all of the oil to drain from the frypot.. Once the frypot is emptied, close the drain valve.

-If the pilot fails to remain lit, turn the gas valve “OFF” and wait 5 minutes before attempting to re-light.
-Building codes prohibit a fryer with its open frypot of hot oil being installed beside an open flame of any type, including those of broilers and ranges.
-This appliance must be installed with sufficient ventilation to prevent the occurrence of unacceptable concentrations of substances harmful to the health of personnel in the room where is it used.
-This appliance is only for professional use and shall be used by qualified personnel only
-Always ensure that shortening or cooking oil covers the burner tubes before lighting the burners.
-A Propane regulator must always be attached to the gas line when it is in use.
-This fryer must be installed with a 6-inch clearance at both sides and back when installed adjacent to combustible construction.
-A minimum of 24-inches clearance should be provided at the front of the fryer.


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