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– Check the label on the unit and the power plug for the correct voltage.
– Place the machine on a level surface and loosen the thumbscrew on the front of the unit for fluid tank access, see diagram.
– This will allow the whole of the top cover to be lifted revealing the fluid tank in the base.
– Fill the tank with quality bubble fluid only. We recommend use of CHAUVET bubble fluid (BJ-U or BJ-Q) as it has been specially formulated for use with CHAUVET bubble machines and produces the best results.
– Replace the cover and tighten screws.
– Plug into the mains power supply and stand back in amazement as you fill the area with hundreds of bubbles!


If you experience low output, or no output at all, unplug immediately. Check fluid level, the external fuse, and main power supply. If all appear to be OK, plug the unit in again. If you are unable to determine the cause of the problem, do not simply continue to use as this may damage the unit. Contact Party Line for servicing.

-Do not obstruct the bubble wands. Never allow children to place fingers inside the front of the machine. Do not leave machine unattended.
-Danger of Slipping. Bubble fluid produces a slippery residue. Do not leave machine unattended.
-Always disconnect from main power supply before cleaning or servicing.
-Never use any other type of liquid other than quality bubble fluid. CHAUVET provide suitable fluids for use with this machine (BJ-U or BJ-Q).
-Never drink bubble fluid. If its ingested, call a doctor immediately. If bubble fluid comes into contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
-Beware of overfilling or spillage. Consider carefully when mounting.
-No user serviceable parts inside, please refer to CHAUVET for service.

Technical Specifications
Power 120V~60Hz AC 230V~50Hz AC
Fuse 20mm Glass 1A Fast Blow 20mm Glass 0.5A Fast Blow
Dimensions 318 x 178 x 191mm / 12.5in x 7in x 7.5in
Weight 4.77kg / 10.5lbs


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