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Turn off all sprinklers including underground sprinklers.
-Know where underground gas, plumbing and water lines are on your property. We will not be responsible for damage to pipes or plumbing of any kind.
-Adult supervision of all children is required at all times.
-Inflatables need an electrical source; generators are available for an extra charge.
-Plan a spot in a grassy area or hard, flat surface away from your house meters and pool.
-Be aware of the size of the inflatable you are renting, add at least two feet all around to plan where the inflatable’ unit will go.
-Be sure there is overhead clearance too. Most units are 16 feet tall!
-Keep all party toys such as ‘silly string’ and other toys away from the inflatable
– Make sure the unit has a dedicated circuit, meaning nothing else is plugged into the same electric line/circuit. The risk you run is having another electrical appliance kick on and pop the circuit.

Safety Rules

Adult supervision of all children is required at all times.
-Read and follow the rules printed on the actual inflatable unit you are renting.
-Only staff may set up, and take down your jump house or slide.
-The inflatables are designed for children. Teenagers and adults are too big to bounce. Teen and adult weight can not be distributed correctly.
-Children must remove shoes before using Air Castles and Slides.
-Keep all sharp objects away from inflatable units.
-Keep all pets away from inflatable units.
-Keep all food, drinks and snacks away from bounce houses.
-Stay out of jump bounce houses and slides in strong wind or thunderstorms.
-Inflatable units need to be deflated and not used in winds 15 MPH and higher.
-Inflatable units need to be deflated during thunderstorms. After unit is deflated, please use mat to cover blower during rain or thunderstorms.
-If the inflatable is deflated accidentally (i.e. power outage) have all children sit quickly and then exit orderly through the door, or emergency roof/ceiling release/exit. You will have time to get everyone out safely!
-Side walls are not constructed to support children bouncing off of the walls. They are designed to keep children safely inside. Make sure no one bounces off the walls.
-Integrated netted windows are in all our inflatable units’ rentals so that the children are always visible inside the unit.
-The netted windows can be a problem if children are permitted to hold the netting while jumping. Be sure children are not holding the netting or leaning on the side walls.
-The inflatable units will be fully inflated and safety checked before we leave to ensure everything is in safe operating order.

In Case of Emergency

Our inflatable units have a special roof which can function as an emergency exit.
-If the blower stops, either from a circuit popping, or someone accidentally unplugging the unit, it is scary for the children BUT you do have time to get the children out. The top of the unit will fall down within 18 seconds, so some children will be coming out when the top is down.
-Alternately you can have all of the sitting children exit through the roof. There are three clips on one side of the roof. In an emergency you can quickly unclip the roof and the children can exit.
-WE recommend that before the children use the inflatable units for the first time you have them all together and explain the safety rules.


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