1/3 of all Teachers are at high risk for COVID-10*.  That is a staggering statistic and the safety of our teachers, students and faculty should be the number 1 priority in determining how best to re-open our schools.

Regardless of how hard you study the facts, there is no perfect score, so the goal is to find solutions that mitigate the chances of the virus spreading while also offering a valuable educational experience.

A recent article published by The New York Times outlines how Schools Beat Earlier Plagues With Outdoor Classes.  Read Article .  It has been done before and can be done again.  Tents, shelters and personal barriers will play a critical role as schools and universities begin to re-open.


Schools Should Consider the Following Tent Options when Determining their Re-Opening Plans.


  1. Tents can be used as temporary classrooms allowing students to spread out over a larger area than the typical lecture hall. A possible configuration is 8’ conference tables with a chair on each end facing the professor.

2. There is likely to be some type of need for screening/overflow tents to get into school and school events to ensure the health of the students.

3. If and when school sports begin, tents are a good solution for expanding the locker rooms footprint, providing additional space for athletes to change and store equipment.

4. The typical lunch period will be replaced with socially distanced eating. Schools can put up dining tents to allow students to safely eat their lunch while still connecting with their peers.



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