Why Rent A Tent?

Written by jayala0612

June 3, 2019

You shouldn’t rent a tent just in case of rain any more than you should build an ark. In any kind of weather, the tent is the focal point for your party. A tent helps point the energy of the event and keeps your guests from thinning out and wandering aimlessly.

When evaluating a choice of venue, consider these factors:
  • Size: If you have a large number of guests, or if you have activities such as dancing or games, you’ll need a rather large venue to accommodate your party. Many indoor venues are poorly configured with odd traffic patterns, leaving you no options when determining place­ment of head tables, bar areas, or dance floors. Tents are far more versatile and accommodat­ing to your needs and wishes. Whether your event is small or large, there’s a tent size that is the “right-size” … appropriately comfortable, neither cramped nor cavernous.


  • Function: There’s nothing more beautiful than nature. That explains why so many of us get excited when we can do anything outdoors. An outdoor backdrop may be just the right set­ting for your event. But there are concerns: too much sun/heat, or rain, can dampen an other­wise spectacular day. Weather is unpredictable, but our tents are your insurance policy. They provide welcome retreat from sun and heat, and protection from rain, while affording the view! With options like window siding, heaters or fans, tents can be used all year round. Optional flooring gives your guests something steady underfoot, and when the sun goes down, the transition from day light to evening is handled gracefully with tent lighting that es­tablishes the mood.
  • Style: The perfect day comes in many different flavors. Celebrations reflect individuality and personal style, with influences from family traditions, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, or business etiquette. A tent can be outfitted to match your sense of style. At a minimum, you get a roof over your head. But with a little creativity, your tent can be transformed into some­thing casual or something quite glamorous. Whereas most indoor venues come with a style (colors, interior decor of some vintage), tents are a blank palate, a canvas that will carry your style, make your event personal, not cookie cutter.
Designing a Great Layout for Your Tented Event

Designing a Great Layout for Your Tented Event

Throwing a tent event is our favorite kind of event but with a tent comes many options to customize. Don’t get stressed about all of the ways you can customize it – we’ve got you covered.

Creating a Signature Cocktail Bar

Creating a Signature Cocktail Bar

Creating signature cocktails has become a common wedding trend, as have specialized bars created around the beloved libation of the bride, groom, or both. Your wedding bar is yet another chance to create a more exciting experience for your guests by curating personalized drinks or stations.


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