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  1. Main switch: it is used to: -turn on the machine and activate the auger -turn off all machine functions
  2. Refrigeration changeover switch: -in position “0” the refrigeration system is off -in position “I” the refrigeration system is in freeze mode



  • Mix the Bottle of Concentrate with 4 equal parts Water in a suitable container.
  • The mix makes 2.5 Gallons of product but The Bowl of the Machine can only hold 1.5 Gallons of Product, so you will have leftover mix.
  • Pour the product into the bowl, taking care not to over?ll be¬yond the max level indicated.
  • Turn switch “A” into position “I”: machine powered and mixer on.
  • Turn switch “B” into position “I” : refrigeration system on.
  • It will take approximately Two hours for the mix to completely freeze. If you are adding alcohol, anticipate an additional Hour for the mix to Freeze.
  • To dispense the beverage, pull down the tap lever and Enjoy!

Adjusting Slush consistency

  • The consistency of the Slush may be adjusted by means of the Yellow knob located in the back on the machine.
  • Plus will produce a thicker consistency, Minus will produce a thinner consistency.
  • The adjustment may be made by hand or with the aid of a screw¬driver.

Readying the unit for return

  • Before the Machine is returned, it must empty of the previously prepared prod¬uct.
  • While the machine is on, press the switch into pos. “0” to shut down the refrigeration system.
  • Position a container under the spout and pull down the tap lever to completely empty the bowl of its contents.
  • After that, turn off the main/mixer switch and unplug the machine.


-NEVER put ice into the machine, it will break the auger.
-Do not obstruct the grill vents on the side of the machine.
-Do not site the machine near heating equipment (stoves or radiators).
-Clearance of 10 inches must be left at the top.
-The machine must be installed indoors in a well-ventilated room on a ?rm, solid, level ?oor (slope less than 2 degrees).
-It is forbidden to use extension cords or adaptors of any type.
-Product may be poured into the bowl only when the machine is off and unplugged.
-NEVER INTRODUCE HOT LIQUIDS (with temperatures exceeding 25 degrees C)
-Warning: There are some moving parts inside the bowl, which may cause injuries; turn off and unplug the machine before carrying out any operation inside the bowl.
-The machine may only operate in places with an ambient temperature ranging between 20 degrees C and 32 degrees C.
-If the machine is switched off with the containers even only partly ?lled with granita and is left off even for a brief time, a layer of ice may form on the surface. Should this occur, before turning the machine back you should remove the surface ice to prevent damage to the mixer components


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