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Propane Patio Heaters



  1. DO NOT use in an explosive atmosphere. Keep heater away from areas where flammable liquids or vapors are stored or used.
  2. TURN OFF LP tank when the heater is not in use.
  3. DO NOT alter unit in any manner or bypass safety valve.
  4. DO NOT operate heater without the reflector.
  5. ALWAYS place heater on a hard and level surface.
  6. DO NOT use if wind velocity is greater than 10 mph because of flame-out possibility.
  7. ALWAYS Wait 5 min. to relight a hot patio heater.
Before Turning the Gas Supply "ON":
  1. INSPECT hose assembly for excessive wear or cuts.
  2. REPLACE a leaking hose prior to use with a hose that meets manufacturer specifications.
  3. CHECK that surrounding area is free of combustible materials.
LP Gas Hookup:
  1. The patio heater holds a 20 lb. gas cylinder in the base.
  2. Remove door, place cylinder into the base and attach regulator.
  3. Let burner cool approximately 20 min. before touching base assembly.
  4. Always ensure that there is ample fresh air ventilation.
To Light:
  1. Check that regulator connections are correct and tight.
  2. Turn tank valve in a counter clockwise direction. Check for leaks by applying soapy water to connections (Teflon tape provides a leakproof fit.)
  3. Turn control knob counter clockwise to the pilot position.
  4. Depress and hold in control knob to begin pilot gas flow: Hold in control knob for 3 minutes on new installations or tank changes to purge air from lines, or 5 seconds for regular relight. While depressing knob, depress ignitor button, which will snap indicating it has produced a spark, which should light the pilot. If not, depress control again and depress the auto pilot ignitor (White heaters) until lit or match light (Silver heaters). Pilot is located behind match hole cover. Rotate disc upward from hole for access.
  5. Once pilot is lit, continue to hold in control knob for 30 seconds or until pilot remains lit after knob is released.
  6. Turn burner to "ON" position (all the way counter clockwise) and then reduce to desired heat range.
  1. Turn control knob to off position.
  2. Wait 5 minutes before attempting to relight pilot.
  3. Repeat steps beginning with step 4 above.
Shut-Down Instructions:
  1. Turn control knob clockwise to "OFF" position.
  2. Turn tank valve clockwise to "OFF" when heater is not in use.
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